FERC Order Expedites 100% Renewable Power Source

Renewable Energy Aggregators (REA) succeeded in expediting the delivery of over 500 megawatts (and possibly more) of baseload 100-percent renewable electricity supply.  It did so by designing pump-storage hydroelectric facilities that use only renewable energy to pump ground water from abandoned and flooded coalmines.  Because this design uses no surface or otherwise navigable waters, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in recent orders disclaimed regulatory jurisdiction over the first two of REA’s many planned pump-storage projects, each of which enjoys substantial support in the host communities in which the flooded mines are located.

The FERC orders mean that these two 500-megawatt projects-Pennsylvania Pump Storage and Old Forge Bore Hole Reclamation-can be developed under Pennsylvania law without the need to secure a federal license under the Federal Power Act.  Federal licensure is typically costly and protracted, extending development lead times by as much as two years.  Avoiding that licensure allows REA to bring on line these two and possibly other similarly designed pump-storage generation facilities faster and at substantially lower cost.

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Old Forge Bore Hole

Pennsylvania Pump Storage

Original Author Adam Rousselle Sr and published by Renewable Energy Aggregators