Our Opportunity

REvitalizing Communities

By creating hundreds of jobs

Each project requires hundreds of employees including: steel workers, welders, electricians, heavy machinery operators and advanced turbine manufacturing jobs.


REclaim mines and remove the blight

An abandoned relic turned asset

Coal Mines have a key role to play. Pennsylvania has nearly 60% of all abandoned mines in the United States, and these mine cavities alone contain almost 800 billion gallons of water that we can use in our pump storage facilities. We have obtained preliminary permits on 14 critical sites that will not only meet the market’s needs to capture all available renewable generation, but actually improve the local ecology and economy as well.

REstore Rivers and Their Habitats

Everyday the single worst point-source of pollution into the Chesapeake Bay Watershed dumps 60,000,000 gallons of acid mine water into the Lackawanna and Susquehanna rivers. We are going to mitigate that pollution. By removing the pollutants from the water, the river ecosystem can recover and our hydro-turbines will operate with fresh clean water.

REquire 90,000 Tons of Steel

Supporting the US economy

Manufacturing and transporting 90,000 metric Tons of American Steel is no small task, but that is what will be required by the men and women whose jobs will be supported through the construction of our facilities.