Our Innovation

A Simple Recipe

One part creativity and a pinch of common sense

We are making Pumped Storage Hydro an intrinsic part of the renewables fleet. We are removing the barriers in delivering grid-scale renewable power.

Intelligent storage

Addressing the blockages which prevent dependency on renewables

“RECs have been an important part of reducing our footprint, but the opportunity now exists – because of reduced costs and financial mechanisms like PPA’s – to implement renewable efforts on-site or closer to our sites. This allows us to reduce our emissions and save money.”

- Curtis Ravenel, Global Head of Sustainable Business and Finance, Bloomberg L.P.



We design and build grid-scale hydro facilities that have a 50-year life cycle. Our first Baseload product creates 4,000,000 MwH annually, which is enough Baseload for RE100 members to meet their commitments simply by using renewable energy rather that buying credits.



We solve for the intermittency of the most abundant sources of accessible renewable power:  the wind and the sun.   We do so by entering into long-term contracts with wind and solar generators pursuant to which we commit to take their power when they are able to generate, store that power in our upper reservoir, and release it when there is demand for it.



Limitations caused by congestion of the high-voltage transmission grid are solved by locating our projects in areas where transmission capacity exists and making minor improvements to deliver uninterrupted power.



We strategically locate our closed-loop pump-storage hydroelectric facilities in electrical proximity to large-scale wind and solar generation and the markets that demand clean, renewable energy.

We provide Grid Scale Renewable Storage

Our unique approach takes pump-storage hydro beyond simple arbitrage and provision of ancillary services to provide for the first time distributed grid-scale storage of renewable energy.

Strategic Location

Intentionally Distributed

Renewable energy generators are distributed across a broad geography. It is no accident that our renewable aggregation fleet is strategically created to support them. We have positioned our pump-storage hydroelectric fleet between renewable generation and the committed industries physical locations.